Solar Impulse 2

Добавил: ket | 18 февраля 2015, 10:19
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Enjoy the first video fully shot with GoPro. Si2 first took to the skies in June, soaring across Switzerland and getting its first view of the Alps. The aircraft has now flown 21 times; with pilots seeking out the sun wherever possible at 8,500m. Co-Founders & Pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard are both confident in the capability of the aircraft and themselves to pilot Si2 for the First Round-The-World Solar Flight.100 days from now, Solar Impulse will take off from Abu Dhabi for this pioneering journey. Between now and then, Si2 will be dismantled, packed into a cargo plane and reassembled in Abu-Dhabi. Get more information about the project: #Insider #Solar #ImpulseSubscribe to our Youtube to the #Insider Serie: videos about Solar Impulse 2:GoPro: Solar Impulse 2 Airplane Exclusive Shots Solar Impulse? Construction of Si2: Flight Si2 Best-Of: about Solar

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