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The company Blanik Aircraft CZ s.r.o. has been established in 2014 with the view of complete takeover of the Blanik aircraft project, originally produced by the LET Kunovice, since the end of the fifties. Blanik Aircraft CZ holder of all Blanik glider TC.

The Blanik company is focused on design of individual aircraft versions, performance of design changes including testing, maintenance and repairs. It is also the only company worldwide to offer a new all-metal glider. The company provides complete service and support for all Blanik glider operators within the AW. Blanik Aircraft CZ offers modernization, support and services for existing Blaník fleet, as well as “Life extension program of L-13 Blaník gliders” up to 6000 flight hours.

The company is divided into three independent divisions:

— Design Division (DOA by Part 21, Subpart J)

— Production Division (POA by Part 21, Subpart G)

— Maintenance Division (MOA by Part 145)

By merging into a Aviation Technologies Holdings s.r.o. in 2018, a whole new area of activity opened up for Blanik Aircraft CZ s.r.o. and Technometra Český Brod a.s. These sister companies offer a wide range of products and services in the aviation and automotive industry and in custom manufacturing.



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